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Newsfest NYC - June 26
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A feature film created to support homeless LGBT youth charities

Please visit our partners to find out more about LGBTQ homeless youth, and how you can help.

We meet Jack in New York, turning tricks on the evening before his eighteenth birthday.
He spends most of his time in a world of often abusive, but affluent, eccentrics.
His only ally is his boyfriend Tom. They live together in a shelter, but their safety there is compromised by the threat of Tom’s father finding them. Jack sees an opportunity to make a better life for himself and Tom by taking a trip to Miami with a “john” named Ken.
At first, Ken appears more honest and caring than the usual john, even winning Jack’s trust...until Jack finds him on a Skype call with his never-mentioned wife. His faith in humanity smashed yet-again, Jack steals Ken’s drugs and handgun. He eventually embarks on a drug- binge and encounters the slimiest characters Miami has to offer, falling deeper into the hole than he started.
In the USA, LGBTQ youth are 8 times more likely to end up homeless.
  • LGBTQ youth make up 5% of all youth and 40% of all homeless youth.
  • Over 58% of these kids have been sexually victimized
  • The homeless LGBTQ suicide rate is more than twice as high as their heterosexual counterparts.
—National Coalition for the Homeless
HOOKED tells a poignant and moving story
focused on an often ignored issue in the LGBTQ community while going way beyond simply raising awareness.

HOOKED strives to help end this silent epidemic by donating 50% of the film’s proceeds to LGBTQ youth homeless shelters